Friday, November 09, 2012

Happy Friday... a gift for you!

I am so thrilled the weekend is here!  This week has been... whew... B-U-S-Y.  I know many, if not ALL of you, relate.

So as we end our five days on praying for healing... I am keeping it light, fun, and simple.  I am a gift giver.  I LOVE to give gifts... even more than I like receiving them.  I sometimes feel it could be selfish since I get so much joy from creating the gift, giving it, and seeing joy in the receiver.

Sometimes, in our process of healing, just a little gift of love can go a long way.  So I have some gifts of love.  I am giving away two pairs of handmade earrings (that I made myself) and two books!  My idea was that one pair could be for you and one pair for you to give a friend who may need some encouragement.  And the same with the books... one for you and one to give!  Yeah!!!!  Happy Friday!  I am excited just typing this!

The first pair of earrings are made with smokey quartz and sterling silver beads. Perfect for Fall.

The second pair is made from rose and raspberry quartz.  The circle accent beads at the bottom are sterling silver as are the beads at the top.  I think these are so fun!

The books are two of the MANY books I received as a gift at the Allume conference.  They were so generous in the "love" they offered us in gifts... I am thrilled to be able to pass some of it along!
Stay Encouraged, by K.P. Yohannan and Dear Sister, letters of Hope and Encouragement, by Gisela Yohannan, are two perfect little reads to add a smile to the heart of a friend.

Sadly, I don't have enough for every one of you.  So here is how you enter to WIN!

1. Leave a comment that you would like a gift!  If you want to share a little note about who you want to share it with... that would be great... but you don't have to.  This enters your name in the drawing!

2. "Like" One Beautiful Life on facebook and this enters your name twice!  If you have already liked the page, just let me know in your comment and you get a second entry anyway!  

3. Tweet a link to this giveaway and you are entered a THIRD time!  Oh yeah!  Ha. This is so fun!!! :0)

4. Share a link to this post on facebook and you are entered a FOURTH time!

5. "Follow" One Beautiful Life on the sidebar and you are entered a FIFTH time!  If you already follow, let me know and you still get another entry.

6. Stand on the side of the road holding a sandwich board with a link to this post and you win!  HA HA.  JUST KIDDING.  The thought was too funny not to share. :0)

* When you comment... let me know how many of the things you did above so I know how many times to enter your name. 

*Entries will be taken until 6.p.m. on Sunday night, November 11th.  I will post who wins on Monday and give you my email address so you can privately give me your mailing address.  If you are local, I will get it to you.  If you are not local, I will mail it to you! :0)

You all are great.  I am enjoying this so much.  I have not written on this blog for 10 days straight EVER.  You all are making it so much easier with your friendship, your participation, and your excitement.  
Please remember to go back to our prayer list, in the comments of the post of November 7th, and pray for each other today.  It will move mountains.

Happy Healing Friday!


  1. I want to win!!!!! :) I already like your facebook page, I subscribed to your blog, I am going to share it now on my facebook page... I just don't tweet... sorry! Love you!

  2. I would love those raspberry earrings! LOVE! And I have just the person in mind whom I would share with...

  3. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I have several friends I am reaching out to with the love of Christ and would love to add this to the little treasures I love to pass on to them from time to time!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Like one beautiful life!

  5. Friend - I love a giveaway so sign me up and I am with you I love to do them!! I have only done one on my blog - but it was super fun!! So I have already liked your fb page - I am already subscribed to your blog and I am going to message you about who I would share it with. Love how the Lord gives opportunities - exactly when you ask for them!!

  6. oh and I shared your link on FB although I must confess selfishly I didn't really want to decrease my chances of winning ;-) I hope others are encouraged by your overwhelming love for our Father!!! Have a great weekend!!

  7. I did four. I didn't Tweet about it, because I get bored with my Twitter account & I just didn't want to mess with it lol. Great giveaway!

  8. I would love a gift and would bless that wonderful daughter or mine who has been such a blessing in my life!

  9. You girls are great. I am commenting for Holly who can't get a comment to publish! This, by no means, means I am favoring anyone! LOL I am shocked that out of over 200 page views only 9 want a gift! Next time, there just might be a gift for all nine of you!

  10. Entry for Julie T. who also can't get one to post! Who knew commenting was so difficult!~


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