Saturday, November 03, 2012

Floating From East to West

No swimming today.  Just rest.  I love and embrace this about Saturdays.  I try hard to protect the gift of rest.  So today will be simple and short.

As I was praying and thinking about today's post, several thoughts came to mind.  But there was one that seemed to dominate the space... resting... floating... in God's forgiveness.

"As far as east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us."  Psalm 103:12~

Since our world is a circle, the distance between east and west never changes, it goes on forever.  The distance never runs out.  Forward to the east only creates more west.  Forward to the west only creates more east.  We can walk in a direction... looking for our confessed sin... and it only creates further distance.  I think that is cool.  Sweet.  Generous.  Divine.

As I thought about forgiveness this morning, I realized it may be hard to offer forgiveness to others if we have not fully understood and accepted our own. 

The gift of our own forgiveness too often seems too good to receive.  The motivation behind it is simply love.  Love that is so pure and deep and cleansing that it penetrated realms just to touch us.  Do you know that kind of love?  Do you feel it?  Are you changed by it?

That love is God the Father.  That love is Jesus Christ.  And it is waiting for you.  And 
the forgiveness He offers is just waiting to be asked for... waiting to wash you clean.  Waiting to be tossed into the depths of the never ending space between.

"God has cast our confessed sins into the depths of the sea, and He's even put a 'No Fishing' sign over the spot."  D.L. Moody~

This is no time to turn back and grab on to our past confessed sins.  They are no longer there.  They have been erased.  That is a reason for much rejoicing.  That is a reason to celebrate.  That is a reason to live in gratitude.  That is the very reason we should so freely give it to others.

Let's lay on our backs today... in the warmth of the sunshine... in the gentle kiss of the breeze... and reflect on the forgiveness so sweetly and continually offered to us.  Pray we are changed by it.  Pray we can fully grasp and hang onto it.  Pray we can share it.  And thank your sweet Father for the holy and generous gift of it.



  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I so agree with this post. The fact that God has forgiven me for all the wrong that I have done and loved me so completely makes it easier to forgive other people. It opens up your life and your heart when you can forgive people when they hurt you. Thanks for sharing. -Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer. The gift and covering of forgiveness is overwhelming when it really soaks into your spirit. Thanks for hanging out with us!

  2. Missing you like crazy and so glad you're taking this blogging stuff head on. The words you 'speak' have such life giving power and are constantly a testimony of the Lords workings in your life. <3 That degree you never thought you'd use? I think it's being put to good use on here :)
    I just wrote this in my journal a few minutes ago and it made me think of your blog title. "I never really know where I am on this journey of life, but I know I'm always learning something new. And that's the beauty of life. Life is a treasure and we're always finding something new. What an amazing adventure."

    1. Campbell, You have stepped out in faith and inspire me greatly! The very fact we are not sure of where we are going/He is leading us... is the very thing that brings us into such intimacy with the One who does! The ways we encounter Him and the ways in which our faith blooms is what makes each moment so rich, so sweet, so treasured. It is an adventure. And I am so glad we get to do it together. I miss you A LOT and can't wait for you to return from your latest adventure and share some moments with me on the sofa! Hugs sweet warrior princess... big hugs.


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