Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November Reign of Prayers

The power of prayer has never been tried to its full capacity.  If we want to see mighty wonders of the divine power and grace wrought in the place of weakness, failure, and disappointment, let us answer God’s standing challenge, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”  Hudson Taylor~

I have been feeling the prompting to take on something bigger than me.  I couldn’t shake it.  But it scared me.  Fear.  Fear of failure.  I hate that one.  It’s a big one.  It's the one that stops millions in their tracks and keeps potential buried in “what if’s” and insecurity.  It was so close to the start of the month of November.   

A month of prayer… focused, faithful, and united prayer.  Could I do it?  Really do it?  Follow through and commit to it.  Would others join me?  What could happen in the spiritual realm if they did?  Who would be healed?  Who would be forgiven?  Who would be saved?  Who would be released?  Who would be restored?   Who would find direction?  Who would encounter the Father?    


This past weekend, at the Allume conference, God spoke to me clearly in several areas of my life.  I am forever thankful and pray I am forever changed.

One of the items we received in a very generous gift bag was a calendar.  I have recently set up a work blogging space and I am about to accessorize the main wall with inspiration and such like creativity igniting festivities.  I pulled out this calendar and was prompted to read the quote on the November page.  As usual, I love these promptings as they always leave an imprint of His love and glory.  

 Here is the gift…

We are called to initiate involvement in each other’s lives… We covenant together to work and pray for unity, to walk together in love, to exercise care and watchfulness over each other, to faithfully admonish and entreat to one another as occasion may require, to assemble together, to pray for each other, to rejoice and bear with each other, and to pray for God’s help in all this.  Mark Dever~

That was my confirmation.  My, “go ahead child, dive in,” from the Father. 

I am initiating involvement… community… fellowship.

November Reign of Prayers will start tomorrow.  For the thirty days of November, you are invited to join together and pray… faithful and focused prayers that will break forth light in the darkness.  Prayers that will transform you and those around you.

The month will be divided into 6 groups of 5 days.  We will pray for forgiveness, healing, restoration, direction, freedom, and salvation.  You can pray for yourself, your spouse, your children, your extended family, your friends, your church, your neighbors, your nation, and all your heart’s passions, desires, and concerns.

You are invited to walk this month with me.  I need you.  We need you.  We need each other.

I am excited beyond my spirit’s deepest corners to see what God has in store.  I know it is going to be good.  

Will you join me…

Walking in faith… this One Beautiful Life… one day at a time.
Much Love, Dawn


  1. I want to do this with you. Just tell me what I need to do. I think that right now I could use all the prayers I could get & I could use the communion with our Father, so just tell me what to do, starting tomorrow!! Looking forward to it!

    1. Thank you sweet friend. Thank you for courage! My advice... be real. Be real with yourself. Be real with God. And meet me here. We will do this together. He has amazing things in store for us and I am full of joy to discover it with you. Hugs.

  2. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I will join you! Please email me the specifics. Do I start today praying for Forgiveness and pray all week for that?
    please explain.

    1. I am so sorry I didn't make that clear. "Joining me" means joining me here, walking through each day and each post of November with me, with us (fellow blog readers), and praying about the subject of each of the posts. Like today, pray for self-grace. Pray God will show you what that looks like for you, that He will bring to mind things you need to forgive yourself for and that He will help you see the opportunity for self-grace in the future. I hope that helps. Thank you for joining me. Your friendship here blesses me and will bless every one else. And thank you for asking me to explain. I know you weren't the only one wondering! Dance in self-grace today and I'll "see" you tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Hey sweet Dawn! I'm here - just late! So I've got some catching up to do! I'm LOOKING FORWARD to doing this with you through November!!!!! Great idea, there will be BLESSINGS in this, I know! Love it and love you! Praying for self grace and boy do I need to. Kim R.

    1. So glad you are here sweet friend! The more, the merrier, the more, the more powerful! God has amazing and sweet things in store for us this month! Oh how I love November.
      Thank you for joining us. I can't wait to see/hear/read how you are blessed!


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