Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Little Treat

I get to go here for the weekend:  ALLUME

And I get to go with a very dear, adorable, fun, and fabulous friend!

My husband found out about it and booked it for me as a surprise and secretly invited my friend to join me.  I know.  He got major bonus points.  It is a conference for women who blog as part of their ministry.  And the most wonderful blogger is going to be there, Ann Voskamp!  I am so STOKED I get to see her and hear her speak.  She ooozes grace and gratitude and love.  You can check out her amazing blog HERE and be blessed!

I love, love, love to be around women who love the Lord, who walk in His presence, and are not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops!  There is something so sweet and intimate about sharing that love.  Something that connects you without even knowing names.  And when voices are raised in worship...well... divine is an understatement.  It is my favorite thing ever... to hear voices raised in praise to the Lord.

I can not wait for my gift.  And to my precious, so very thoughtful husband:  THANK YOU for such a sweet blessing.  I know it will be a gift to my spirit, to my soul, and to my heart.  You are so giving and generous.  THANK YOU a hundred and one times!  xoxoxoxoxo 

I am a guest blogger over HERE today.  I got to share the story of Taylor's unexpected arrival as our daughter!  What a wonderful moment to remember and be able to share.  God is so generous!

Be blessed sweet friends!  Soak up the vibrant ever changing colors of Fall and see your Father in all of it!  He is there, painting and showing off for you!

Much love, Dawn

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