Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back into the beads...

I played today.  I made 26 pairs of earrings.  I have not done that since I had my jewelry business.  And I have to say, I have had NO desire to go there before today.  Our church is having a Fall Festival this weekend and we are having a craft fair with handmade items.  So I originally planned on making some fabric pins... like these...

 but realized it would take me way longer to make 20 pins than it would 20 earrings.  So...I dug into my long stashed stash of old inventory and scrounged up enough to make some pretty cool ear bobs!

And of course I had flash backs of my two favorite pieces of jewelry I ever made...

I seriously want this piece back.  Ughhhhh.  And I even know who has it!  :0)  She paid $50 for it... wonder if she'll sell it back to me for $65!?  HA HA.

And these are totally slammin.  Man.  Why didn't I keep any of the GREAT stuff!!!!!!!!!!!????



No.  Nope. No way. Can't go there again.  It dominates my time.  Maaayybbeee just a day a season to play in the beads and make what I can and stash it away again.  Yeah.  Maybe. :0)

I also wanted to make some of these super fun banners... but alas... there are only 24 hours in my days.  Didn't get to this either.  But I am totally needing some serious "creating time!"  I LOVE to make things and never get to do it anymore.

I made this for Abby's teacher's daughter for her dorm room.  Cute.  I made one that said "Learn" for her teacher for a gift for the classroom.

So now it is time for dinner.  Left overs!  Yeah.  Love nights like this.  Fresh baked bread with olive oil makes leftovers seem fresh again!  LOL

If any of my earrings sell... the money goes to missions!  THAT made today even cooler.  All from Him and All for Him!  :0)

Be blessed sweet friends!
Love, Dawn