Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creative Inspiration

Sometimes I just need to see some "brain candy" blogs.  Just like sometimes I need a good "brain candy" book.  Most of what I read has to do with either parenting, praying, discipline, or life.  Now those things are GREAT and I love that I have time to do such things (when I do) but sometimes you just need something fluffy, fun, and almost effortless!

So I realized I had not browsed some of my favorite "brain candy" blogs in a while.  I like them because they are beautiful to look at and I always get great ideas... many simple ones that I can accomplish with what I have at home!  Like this painted "porch".  We have a little rectangle patio outside our front door and I think it will look AMAZING painted like this!!

So here are just a few of my favorite "brain candy blogs."

Hope you are blessed and inspired!
Much love,

Heather Bullard

Jennifer Rizzo

The Handmade Home

The Lettered Cottage

Miss Mustard Seed