Sunday, July 08, 2012

A Sudden Storm

It's funny how often we are reminded that we are not in control. This was very much true of our time at Disney.  After coming to terms with rain every day, it seems there was a little more in store for us!  

We decided to start our Disney time with Magic Kingdom and to end it with Magic Kingdom.  The first day was spent trying to get ourselves situated and fast passing and making sure every age was satisfied and so it was a blur.  So going back on the last day was really a great way to end the trip.  The heat was, well, thick and so we went back to the room for a little rest and then had plans to go back for dinner, parade, fireworks, and then rides until 2 a.m.

And then our plan was... revised.  The sky went from the above picture to the below picture in a matter of 5 minutes.

I stood there, on the bridge, with the kids as a BLACK storm rolled in landed appeared inhaled covered the sky.  The wind came from every direction and came as quickly as a snap of a finger.  I am watching the beauty and force and power of it ( I LOVE STORMS) and was just in awe (and snapping pics of course) and then fear started to tap on my shoulder as I realized we could be smacked with flying debris and in the middle of a stampede in a matter of moments.  Lightning made her debut and the storm just cut loose.  I calmly directed the kids away from our fabulous spot and starting trying to make my way to where Don was getting our food... along with two thousand other people.  HA HA  It was oddly calm chaos.  It was kinda weird and neat.  I have had to go into "handle it" mode on several occasions in my life but now it was being done on a mass scale and it was just kinda neat.

We made our way to the restaurant and sat on the floor for two hours, along with MANY others, while the storm rode rides, ate cotton candy, and performed her own light show. 

As I was looking back at these photos, this night really stood out.  The parade was cancelled, the fireworks were delayed until midnight.  And then we did ride rides until a little after 1 a.m. and still had a great time. Nothing like we planned, but great memories, great photos, and great fun. "Our" plans can be revised, delayed, changed, or derailed... and it still can be ok.  I really need to rest in that right now.

Crazy week ahead.  HA HA.  Like that is some NEW announcement.  Funny how I can make myself laugh!
Anyway, yet another crazy week ahead... Taylor's sister from Latvia arrives TONIGHT and will be with us for 5 weeks.  I promise to share more on that amazing gift and blessing later.  Then we leave later this week for my brother's wedding.  Very joyous time for the family and should be a great crazy fabulous road trip with 7 of us in the mini-van!

Love and hugs...