Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Big Things

There are moments that forever get engraved on your heart and soul.  It was one of the first things that happened when we arrived.  The kids were so excited to be in Disney World... they were wide eyed and taking it all in.  After a bus ride, monorail ride, standing in line and FINALLY GETTING INSIDE the park, we walked ran towards a bathroom and there they were... Tigger and Pooh.  OH... now one little boy all of the sudden thought pretended decided he didn't have to go!  After promising to enter the line after the potty break, a little boy reluctantly walked away for a much needed private moment.  OK.  Everyone exhale and file in line.  Then came the waiting... and the waiting... and he watched child after child get their turn.  Then it happened.  They left.  We were two families away from the front of the line and they left.  Moment of panic.  Welling of tears and the face of WHATTTTTT???? It seems Tigger and Pooh also need a little break.  After more reassuring and a little more waiting... a little boy had a big moment that will forever live in our memories.

As Pooh and many others watched... He squealed and ran and embraced Tigger.  Heart melt into puddle.

  It was so precious, innocent, and simply delightful.  When he finally let go... his joy was radiating all over his face ad he was making the cutest deep laughing noises.

Giddy with excitement, he finally turned to give the patient Pooh a turn.

Heart melt into puddle again.  It brought me to tears.  It filled me with the sweetest and purest joy to see him fill and overflow with such sweet emotion.  I mean, just look at that little face in Pooh's embrace!

He was so amped, after Pooh, he turned and ran back to Tigger, stopping for just a moment to try and express some words to us... "Mommmmyyyyy... It's Tigggerrrrrr and Pooohhhh."  The camera girl from Disney took more photos than I did and she looked at me with the cutest grin and commented on how special it was.  It WAS a magical moment.  One of the best of the entire trip!

 Precious.  Just precious.  And priceless.

Disney pics soon to follow.  I finally downloaded them today and we spent some time at CVS printing them and filling frames.  Sweet, sweet trip.

Have a fabulous and Tiggerific weekend!
Much love, Dawn