Friday, July 27, 2012

Fast and Furious

Days are passing by quickly.  Very quickly.  It is good times, good memories, but leaves little time for anything else... like blogging.  Apologies for my sweet friends.

We just returned from a lake trip.  Our friend from Latvia, S, is a chaperone for the Latvia hosting program and she was staying with us and we really wanted to take her to the lake. It was beautiful and fun.  She flew off to another family in Colorado yesterday and now I am packing up the kids for their 8 day trip to VA to stay with my parents.  Pretty cool.  That is a first of what I hope becomes a summer tradition.  I am excited for them.  They are excited.  Very.

Don and I are taking advantage of the time and sneaking off to Cancun.  What a blessing we can fly there for free.  As I try and forgive Southwest for their horrible treatment of our pilots and families, I hold onto the blessing that a great benefit of his job is flying free.  If there is an open seat of course!  We have spent a day and a half trying to get out on a flight before... and no seats. :0(  But these flights look good and so we are off... again.

I hope to blog before I leave this weekend.  But wanted you to know I was thinking about you and hoping you are having a great summer!

Love, Dawn