Friday, June 01, 2012

Friends with TALENT!

I am so inspired!  I have two friends, whom I never get to see, who have been smackin it!  I mean, they have just gone all business and creative crafty on me!  And they ROCK!

I met Angie when she moved here with her husband, a fellow AirTran pilot.  She was just too cute and precious and I quickly adored her.  And Holly, I met at a Bible study, I think.  Is that where I met Holly?  I know her from CMO, past church, Bible study, and Mom 2 Mom but meeting her... yes... I think it was at Bible study.  And she, too, is precious and I adore her!  They both have PRECIOUS hearts and are amazing women.

Well, today, somehow, I ended up on Angie's facebook page, and there was mention about her blog.  I was very interested and so I searched through her wall until I discovered a link to her blog and BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... I am in heaven!  And blown away with the talent of these girls!  I had to share the link to their blog here and one of the coolest things I have ever seen made from a HEADBOARD!

Girls, I hope you don't mind the shout out but you both are amazing and I am so happy for you and this adventure you are on together!  I HAVE to come along with you to your booth soon and SHOP!  I so want the yellow kitchen scale I spied in one of your photos but I know it is gone! :0(  Boo.  

Here is the before of a headboard...


Can you stand it!?  A fabulous big chalkboard that would make any woman drool!  I love it!  And I love that Joe helped!  And I love that you both are getting to use your amazing creative talent to make such wonderful things!

And I was just about to hang jars with candles from a tree limb in my back yard over our picnic table... but NOW....

wine bottles will be there as well!!!!  LOVE IT!

And you have inspired me.  Really.  I have GOT to do some things like this for myself.  I do love to create.  And I need to do it.  Make/steal/borrow/create/and protect the time to do this stuff for myself.  You two have inspired me greatly and I love you both dearly.

And seriously Angie... your dog... I am IN LOVE!!!!!!!!

 She is like a giant version on mine and I WANT HER!!!!!!!!!!  She is awesome and I could just cuddle with her for hours!  LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!

So here is the address of this amazing blog... please check them out and show them some love! xoxoxoxo

Much love,