Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Lord's Supper

This past Sunday, the Lord gave me such a revelation during the Lord's Supper or communion.  I literally had to jump up and go to the back of the church!

I have spent years doing "my routine" during this time of worship.  I start with reflecting on the cross.  Then I move on to thanking Him for His sacrifice.  Then I move on to praising Him for what He has done in my life that week.  By that time, they are moving on in worship and singing another song.  I have done this for years.  I have focused on the cross and what God "has" done.

This Sunday, the Lord gave me such a gift, that I almost had to scream it out.  Seriously.  PRAISE HIM!  God's presence was so there.  I felt it flowing through me like electrical currents and had just had "communion with Him" during worship (singing).  I was thanking Him over and over for His presence as I held the bread and juice in my hand and then it hit me... my gift... my revelation.  I was just about to put the bread in my mouth and the words, "This is MY BODY" came to my mind followed by, "Do this in remembrance of me," followed by "where AM I?" 

I ALMOST shot out of my chair.  I did start laughing as joy came through me like a rush of LIVING WATER!  God is IN ME.  When I accepted the gift of salvation, (Jesus), I was then given the gift of life, (Holy Spirit), and they came to dwell IN ME!  I died to myself and gave my life to Christ.  For what?  TO LIVE IT!  Not for me to live it.  But for CHRIST to live it!  And in taking communion, I am reminded of several things.  1.) Christ died for me because God loved me that much! 2.) accepting Christ's sacrifice for me caused me to sacrifice myself so that He could live in me. 3.) taking the bread and the juice that represents His body and His blood reminds me that HE is in ME and He is my blood and flesh... not me. 4.) Jesus is alive in me. 5.) Jesus defeated death and IS victorious. 6.) If I can stay focused on the fact that I did die to myself upon accepting the gift of salvation, the gift of life can freely flow through me through Jesus and the Holy Spirit! 7.) There is power in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 8.) That power is alive and living and acting today. 9.) By learning about that power, believing in it, and using it... my faith grows to places beyond my greatest imagination and 10.) I am living in the Spirit 11.) defeating attacks and trials from the enemy 12.) giving glory and praise to God 13.) reflecting His light for all to see 14.) and walking in the fullness of God!  And the kicker is... when believers walk in this... people notice the light in them and they want it!  PRAISE THE LORD.  LIVING IT is our greatest testimony to the power and love of the LIVING GOD!   Salvation and the cross is ONE THIRD of the message... then there is POWER and then there is PEACE AND JOY!  GOD IS ALIVE!  And HE IS ALIVE IN US!

This is what hit me in my seat and caused me to literally jump up and go to the back to PRAISE HIM!
I am so thankful.  There is not a word that can hold all the thankfulness I have for what God is showing me!  I can not get enough of Him!

I am so saddened by the distractions the enemy bombards on us so that we never even find this out!  Then when we find it out... he tries to distract us even more so that we don't live it because when we live it... we are a threat to darkness!  And we are filled with joy and peace that comes directly from the Father!  How many believers walk in the power given them through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit!?  TOO many look just like everyone else... defeated.  They don't even KNOW there is more!  THAT is the great LIE from the enemy!!!!!!!!!!! (And the great tragedy of the modern church)  It is for a reason!  The enemy doesn't want us to know!?  Why?  Because it TRANSFORMS us INTO HIS IMAGE!  And what is His image!?  VICTORY!  It's hearing from the Father, doing His will, living in His power! 

But if we are distracted with all the "busy"ness" of this physical world, we are distracted from the spiritual.  Television, internet, activities, work, social networking, ALL distractions to keep us from the Father... to keep us from the TRUTH.  And it keeps us all from seeing the attacks of the enemy that come through everyone of those previously mentioned things!  Seek the Truth (seeking is a verb) and the Truth shall set you free.  (this is not just heaven... this is freedom here on this earth!)

OK.  HHmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... smiles.... deep deep smiles............

The kids are doing amazing.  Abby is doing amazing.  Taylor is doing amazing.  Marc is doing amazing.  Don is doing amazing.  And I... am doing amazing.

I am so ready for Fall.  It is my favorite time of year.  The beauty God declares and shares at that time of transition for nature is breath taking.  Things are dying yet they are so full of beauty.  Just like dying to yourself before you are reborn in the Father!

Love and hugs...

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  1. Dawn the path you're walking in is amazing. Few can explain as well as you do the GLORY of this amazing adventure you have embarked on. Your blog makes me smile, your words cause me to rejoice! The path you've chosen gets even more awesome. I can't wait to see what He will reveal to you next. We must get more to walk in His fullness.



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