Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't be fooled!

Yes, I am in a refreshing/decorating frenzy!  I'll have pics to post very soon!  But I saw an article today that I had to pass on, along with a warning... "Don't be fooled!"  The article is about how the producers of high fructose corn syrup are trying to get their name changed! 

The reason they want to change their name is because manufacturers are not using their product anymore in their foods like cereal, crackers, bread, and such.  Why...?  Because it's BAD for you!  It's BAD for your children!  And the public is finally waking up and looking at what goes into their bodies and are not buying it anymore!  Google "Dangers of high fructose corn syrup" and read the health articles. 
So they want to change it so we won't know!  SHAME ON THEM!  And the governement is probably going to do it!  SHAME ON THEM! 

So this is my public service announcement!  Stop pumping your body full of chemicals, pesticides, growth hormones, anti-biotics, and crap!  Get informed.  Another one I am REALLY against is splenda.  It's a chemical pretty much like chlorine.  Google "Dangers of splenda" and read that too!

 Now... eat healthy... organic... and have a great day!

P.S. I tried to post the article but the address has underscores that mess up with the auto link line that comes under it and won't work.  I'll work on it!

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  1. I just read the book The Self Health Revolution and it has changed how I eat forever! Lots of good info just like that. Jillian


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