Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Freshening #1

Marc's room was the first to receive a freshening!  It's not a huge deal... but enough.

Now, this is simply sad.  When I FIRST did the room, his chest of drawers were under the mirror/clock and it didn't look so RANDOM!  However, when the crib went out and the toddler bed came in, I didn't want it in the middle of the wall and so it was moved to another wall.

This wall has little space.  I love the book rack that a friend gave me, but it is not practical in a toddler's room.  It only has screws at the top and so when he tried to "yank" books out... the whole thing bounces on the wall and... well... boucing book racks are not a good thing.

This WAS not as bad as this picture looks.  This WAS where the crib was and there were three wall plaques high above the crib with cute baby things on them (I took them to the consignment store before taking picture).  But this is just embarrassing sad!

Soooo... for $61 dollars... his room was freshened!  He LOVES Dr. Seuss and so I went with the Seuss theme!  His toddler bed came from the thrift store for $10!  Yep... daddy found that one.  It was white and covered with stickers.  "Goo Gone" took care of the stickers and a can of spray paint transformed it to this!  I am not including this $10 since he has had it since February!
I would like to spray paint the fan with our brushed metal spray paint (rocks from Home Depot) and paint the blades... that will have to wait.  I also spent $13 on the curtain rod and cut an old shower curtain in half and hung it with hooks!  The colors in the stripes are perfect!

I bought a large Dr. Seuss book from the book store for $18.  He has many Seuss books but I didn't want to tear them up and needed 8 x 10 pictures that were full page.  The book is a book of 6 Seuss stories and so it worked great!  I got the frames at Wal-Mart for $5 a piece.  What I really love about this concept is that the pictures can change.  So if he ever gets into "airplanes" or "flying"... I could replace the pictures with maps! 

Then I got a clever idea.  How about putting the mirror on his level instead of mine!  He LOVES it!  He dances in front of it and stands there and makes faces... it's great!  This chair was purchased from the thrift store for $10 (way back when).  I have future plans to recover the cushion and paint it (screen porch days ahead).  But for now... Marc likes to sit in it and look at books so I put a crib sheet on it (to hide the ugly cushion) and it tucks in great!

The chest fit (bought years ago at a thrift store in VA) perfectly on the little wall and so it moved there and the book shelf moved up!  I also added a cd player (ooops... forgot to add that money to the total) since the little one loves music and to dance.

I cleaned up the book rack using it to house the Seuss books!  The top shelf holds two antique "Winnie The Pooh" books but the rest is for the Seuss! 

And here it is from the doorway.  It looks SO MUCH BETTER but the coolest part is that he LOVES IT.  He calls his room, "Ham"... from "Green Eggs and Ham."  He has even taken people who come over, by the hand, and shown them his room!  THAT brings me a BIG SMILE!

And I have to laugh as almost everything in this room is from a thrift store!  The blue table by Marc's bed is from my grandparents and the hamper was also given to me for Abby by a friend in VA!  Cracking me up!

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  1. beautiful! I love the idea of putting the mirror down low for him!


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