Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Summer Shoes

A couple weeks ago, we did the cutest "craft".  We started with these $3 tennis shoes from Wal-Mart.  Then we added some Sharpie marker action with some imagination and came out with the cutest shoes!

These are Abby's.  I had so much fun helping the girls, I went to Wal-Mart and got myself a pair and made some too!  When we wear them, we get TONS of compliments.  And what a great idea for a birthday party or sleep over!   Get busy! :0)


  1. Super cool craft idea I love it!

  2. Love it! I will totally have to remember this for when I have kids! Wait...I could do it now, right? For myself? :)
    Too cute!

  3. GREAT craft idea! Have you ever made fun flip flops..just get cheap $1.00 plastic flips and quilting fabric..cut fabric into 1.5 inch wide by 5 long strips with pinking shears then tie along the flip flop straps with square can put as many or little strips as you like..we like alot..then trim with your pinking shears and you have these adorable fun flip flops..we made them at a bday party this summer and the girls LOVED did the moms!

  4. Hi Dawn, Thanks for the sweet post on my blog. Yes we are learning to wait but we know God's timing is perfect. I love the shoes and I plan to do this project with my girls. Did you find this project online? I would love to look up the website if you did. Take care and l can hardly believe how grown up abbey is it seems like yesterday I was seeing her and she was just a petite little 18 months.


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