Monday, July 19, 2010

Yesterday, she embraced NINE

I can't believe my Abby is NINE years old.   Where do I begin to even try and describe the joy I have in being given the gift and blessing to love her for another year and see her grow?  We recently watched home videos of her.  Seeing her learning to walk again at four, before she could talk again, brought forth so much emotion from deep within me.  The thankfulness I feel for how much God has given her is so full and so deep, there simply is not a word big enough to describe it.

She is strength and beauty in ways I can't fully express.  She is a miracle.  And that miracle continues to grow and bloom before our eyes. 

Her laughter fills me with pure joy.  Her pain and frustration fills me with sadness.  Her life fills me with hope.  Her past fills me with faith.  Her smile fills me with love.  She has so much of my heart.

Her birthday celebration filled the weekend!  She looks at birthday cakes all year and so it has become a tradition, as of late, that she gets to pick out a cake on her birthday.  It thrills her and makes it pretty easy for me... so it's a win win!

She also picked out a big "9" candle this year... she thought it was too cool!

It made blowing out the candles this year super easy too!

Friday, grandaddy came to town and we went to the Braves game.  Abby wore her birthday crown from Grammy.  Many people told her "Happy Birthday" and she thought that was fun.  One vendor even sent a gift up to her at our seats, a tomahawk.  It was very sweet and a special little gift from God, for sure, for my little warrior!  She felt special. 

It was a fun night, even though the Braves lost... and it was pretty hot.

Marc enjoyed the tomahawk!  We enjoyed it all! 
Have a great Monday!

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