Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Fun For Me

Don and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this December with a renewing of our vows.
We are going to have a very special ceremony and I am getting more excited as each day gets closer.

I get to plan a mini little wedding. And my daughter will be my flower girl. And my son will be my ring boy. And family and special friends will be invited.

As I start to plan, I am taken aback at how much more special this feels than the first time. Isn't that crazy? But as I think of the past ten years, and all we have walked through together, how much we have been challenged and grown, and how deep our love is... our relationship is far richer, deeper, and more precious than it was ten years ago.

That is going to be the makings of a very wonderful evening and the best anniversary yet... even beating out Maui!


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    girl.... i will be in town in December.... please let me know when. ;-) love erin a

  2. I can't imagine a silly old 10th anniversary would be better than Maui! :) Can you believe it's been ten years already?! We really are all among the most blessed people in the world.

    Scott W

  3. That is so special. I was going to do that for mine & Eugene's 10 year anniversary and after both of our mother's passing away last year, how I regret not doing it. Good for you.

  4. wow! How fun! You have a photog if you need one!

  5. Hello. It is my first time visiting your blog. I also read Nie Nie but came across your blog from Delightful Blogs. Stopping by your blog felt like stopping by a comfortable home!

    The dress for your anniversary wedding is absolutely stunning! What a wonderful idea to renew your vows.

  6. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Better than Maui?!! OK, maybe so! But that was a great time! Maybe Scott and I will have something better than Maui at some point. I'm beginning to think that just getting into our house might be better than Maui! :) I'm excited for you both and so blessed to see what God has brought you through over these 10 years. You deserve a wonderful celebration!
    I love you!
    Karen W.

  7. Sounds awesome!! Will you be wearing that dress? It is GORGEOUS!!

  8. Hi Dawn, I remember this post as the first one I ever read on your blog and was wondering if you ended up having the ceremony this December. I know you have been busy with your visitor!


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