Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Home On The Mend

In the midst of the all the chaos of life, the house is on the mend. Wallpaper has been removed (HOOOORAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!) and the stuff that was on really well has been primed! The painters were coming this weekend to paint but we will be at my grandfather's funeral so it will wait.

Even with the primer and the peel... the house looks a thousand times better! The trim guy came out this morning and measured walls so we should have an estimate for baseboards, board and batten trim and crown soon!

Don, our friend Joel, and I also tackled the forest in the backyard this week and several trees came down. More under growth needs to be removed and then the HUGE dumpster in the driveway full of greenery can be removed and the back yard festivities can begin.

Pictures of my house will come soon but in the mean time... let's be inspired... shall we?

I could just sit in the bathroom and read and be happy... mmmmmmmmmm.

Here I was thinking I was just going to let the laundry room be. Not anymore! This picture on a blog I love has inspired me not to overlook such an important space in the home!

And down the list of "to do's" is to replace our front door... this one would have me sitting in the foyer floor in love! I am totally in love with this door.

All these photos are from blogs I love. The top two are from Rare and Beautiful Treasures and the last one is from BH&G.


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    You might as well decorate the laundry room. You're going to be in there often enough! :)

  2. Dawn,

    LOVE the door...and the laundry room! We made our laundry room into a kid art gallery..all the framable artwork that has come home from school is hung in there..makes folding clothes (my least favorite chore) much more enjoyable! Chris


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