Monday, December 08, 2008

Thank you all for your prayers, emails, and phone calls. Just knowing your are before the Lord in Abby's behalf is so encouraging and helpful for us during this time.

She is holding at a seizure every three nights. Her last one was Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. We have an appointment with her neurologist on Thursday. In the mean time, I've joined two yahoo groups for mitochondrial disease and have found some helpful ideas there as well as encouragement and understanding. It helps to be in the presence of others who suffer such emotional and physical roller coasters with their children's health.
Our prayers are specific this week... if you don't mind. We are praying, first, for God's guidance. As we pray, there are so many different issues we are praying about. Treatment of mitochondrial disease is not a science... it's very much a trial and error game. We are also praying for opened eyes and guidance for her doctor.
We are praying for guidance in what to do with her medications, what specialists to seek, what supplements to increase, and what lifestyle changes to make. We are also looking/researching for anything new... information, options, drugs, supplements... that may be helpful for her.
We also pray for guidance in our conversation with her doctor. As I said, it's not a science yet. So we all kinda bounce questions and ideas off each other and I pray God guides us in HIS direction and that we are in agreement.
We also ask for prayers of strength, me especially. When you have prayed the same prayer over and over, in every possible way you can find... had elders at two churches lay hands on her and pray scripture from the word, fast and have friends who GRACIOUSLY offer to fast (Thank you dear one... you know who you are and you warm my heart), it can be very mentally, spiritually, and physically exhausting. I KNOW God doesn't always answer our prayers in the way we FEEL He ought to. I KNOW HIS plan for Abby is perfect and that HIS ways are not our ways. I KNOW HUNDREDS of people have been on their knees before Him on her account and their own faith has been strengthened by seeing God's hand upon her... I KNOW all these things... KNOW them in my inner most being... BUT... I am the mother He chose for her and I love her with every ounce of my very being and I want her healthy... happy... and thriving in His glory and presence. The battle of KNOWING and WANTING is oh so ferocious and exhausting.
So I praise Him in this storm and I hold to the truths of His word, His faithfulness and His Oh so sweet and binding sovereignty. And I pray for a good week.

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  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    We continue to pray for your precious Abby. I can't imagine what you are going through, day in and day out. Please know that I love you and pray for all of you.
    Karen W.


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