Saturday, December 20, 2008

Need to vent or will implode.

I am so angry I have a headache. I am so angry I have the amazing urge inside to scream until my throbbing head explodes. And there is nothing I can do, but feel this way until the horrible mood passes.

I sold my business today. It drove away in the back of a vehicle and I remain with check in hand. I was thinking I was going to feel happiness, relief, and freedom. Then the phone rang five minutes after everything left. It was one of my best selling stores in Houston, Texas. A package I mailed with a large order in it has still not arrived. The package was NEEDED by December 16. It was for three customers, two of whom were having big Christmas parties and were giving my necklaces as party gifts. I mailed the package PRIORITY mail on Dec. 8th. As of today, December 20th, it is still not there.

Obviously the store owner is far less than happy. Her three customers are irate. The USPS is CLUELESS and SLACK and I am an idiot for using them in the first place and not tracking the package and left with a raging headache, stomach ache and useless anger and frustration.

So now I have to order the supplies I need Monday so that HOPEFULLY second day air will get them here Wed. and then drive to Gainesville where my cousin is staying for the holidays and redo this order and lose all that money. Lovely. Grand. Great.

Very sour... maybe another bubble bath in the depths of a volcano would make me feel better.


  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    ohh noooo! I am throwing snowballs at UPS right now! we are snowed in....and I am throwing lots of them for you!
    ohh, Dawn, i am so sorry. i hope it gets better!

  2. oh my that totally sucks! I am so sorry!

  3. Campbell11:40 PM

    I've got two hands, extra time, and a short walk to your house.. No need for pay this time! Irks me that they lost that order! We worked super duper hard and fast on that one!
    I'm more than happy to help just give me a ring!! <3

  4. i hate that i just took it off your hands and its still weighing on you! i'm so sorry! we'll talk about what to do!


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