Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goodbye. Hello.

We went to a funeral today. It was the fifth funeral for us this year. A dear precious man in our church family had a massive heart attack last Friday and went to dance and sing with the Lord this Tuesday.

The service was held in our church building and I was so struck by the memory of just speaking with him there two Sundays ago. Now, he was there, lying in the front.

As I looked around, I was touched by the beauty of something you don't see all the time. Men were hugging men all around me. They were emotional. They were vulnerable. They were real. And I was moved by the beauty of their courage to be so brave and so real. Ansley would have been proud.

Our prayers are with his precious family. Our smiles are with Ansley, knowing he is singing and dancing before the Lord.


  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    ohh Dawn,
    our hearts ache for Ansley... he was such a powerful prayer partner for Will during his time before going into the Army. and such a wonderful, wonderful man.
    i sit in tears as i read your blog. I am glad he is dancing with Jesus, but very saddened by the news.

  2. Ansley left a legacy!! What a servant he was!! Praise be to God for his life!!


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