Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ode to Bubble Bath.

OK. So I have passed the point of "fried" and am now at "frazzled". My body is screaming out in pain as I have been hunched over in the floor counting "stuff" for days now. So tonight, I "let" my serving husband make dinner and clean up dinner. After dinner I retreated to the place any over exhausted and frazzled to the deepest depths mother goes... the bubble bath.

As I tried to enter my sanctuary, Abby tried to join. Guilt came and quickly left as I gave a firm "no", closed the bedroom door and locked it. After filling my tub with the hottest water my faucet would deliver, my tranquil moment began. Muscles started to loosen, skin started to open, and mind started to drift.

Abby: Knock, knock, knock. Bang, bang, bang. Kick. (on the locked door) Mommy, let me in!
Mommy: No, Abigail. I will not let you in.
Abby: Mommy, Dusty and I are so sad you are in your room.
Mommy: You are?
Abby: Yes, we are so sad, we need to come in. KICK.
Mommy: little giggle. I am sorry honey. You and Dusty are going to have to deal with it.
Abby: Mommy, Daddy is so lonely downstairs. You need to come downstairs!
Mommy: giggle, giggle, giggle. Abigail, I will be down later.
Abby: What are you laughing at Mommy!? Kick. Kick.
Mommy: Abigail, stop it! Do not kick the door!
Daddy: (muffled from downstairs) Abigail, stop it.
Abby: thump, thump, thump... retreats downstairs.

Ahhhhh... silence again. I sank deeper into the HOT water, my nose resting slightly above the still water, and tried to flatten myself into the bottom of the tub. Ode to my bubble bath. It was a sweet retreat... for a moment.

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