Friday, December 28, 2012

Can you believe?

Seriously.  Can you believe it is the end of the year?  It smacks me every time I think about it... another year blown by!  They go by faster and faster each time.  I remember my mother saying that when I was young.  Now it is my reality.

It is hard to glance back at a year and not think of things you wish were different.  Moments you wish you had side stepped and others you wish you had sat in and enjoyed... just a minute or two longer.

I could list many of those moments.  But I won't.  Those moments are part of growing, learning, refining.  Those moments magnify the great ones... the ones that are lit against a backdrop of laughter, joy, and love.  Those moments also increase my thankfulness for grace.  Grace that blankets me like a sweet, soft, glistening freshly fallen snow!

I am thankful for 2012.  I am thankful for the health and protection of my family.  And I am thankful for the presence and abundant blessings from the Lord.  I am thankful for His voice, for His hand, for His love, mercy and grace... and for His faithfulness.

As we get ready to start 2013, I do not EVEN dare make a list of things I want to accomplish, start, or change.  I pray my 2013 is blanketed in one thing... Abiding.  I pray each and every day I can walk in the moment in His love and grace and let it overflow onto others around me.  I pray I can walk each day ready and willing to move when the Lord says "move", stand when He says "stand", and change when He says, "change."  I pray I can grow in my ability to let go of self and embrace more of Him.

I do have fun plans for change with my blog.  I am very excited to share but it is a load of work!  So I will share more details when I am closer to revealing!

I am so very thankful for you... for my friend who shares this journey with me.  I am so very thankful for your encouragement and your friendship and the grace you give to me.  I am thankful for you and can't wait to share this next year with you.

I hope you embrace the last few days of this year and enjoy every moment and memory yet to be made!  Be blessed sweet friend... be blessed!

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