Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Pause...

Sweet friends, I thank you for your sincere interest in my last couple of posts and your private messages.  I am forever deeply encouraged when trials, challenges, heartaches, and pain in my past... our past... can give others hope, courage, and strength.  My ultimate prayer is that God is seen as the source of strength, mercy, love, wisdom, provision and guidance in all of them.

I have had to take a little pause from writing as life is crazy busy this weekend.  My husband and I volunteer for an orphan hosting program, Project One Forty Three. HERE  The organization brings orphans over from Latvia and Ukraine to be hosted in host family homes for four to seven weeks.  It is the most amazing program I have ever seen.

This past week, we had several last minute families step up to host and it involved several home safety visits and report writing.  My creative "posting" thoughts had to go on hold for a moment!  

You can read more about how the hosting program works HERE.

Today, a plane full of orphans arrive from Latvia!  My husband and I work the airport arrivals and it is HOLY GROUND.  When you watch family after family embrace their host child... God is standing in the midst of that and words can't capture the beauty enough to fully describe it.  That is what we'll be doing today!  And then Ukraine's children arrive tomorrow!

I am hoping to write another post on "Loving the hurt child," tomorrow.  I have had some of the highest traffic ever on my blog this past week and I thank you all for being here... for coming back... for sharing your heart in the comments... for sharing the posts on facebook... and for sharing your time with me!

Have a super blessed day and look for beauty in all of it!


  1. Oh, that picture!
    Met the two little ones last year. Wanted to take them home with me! The little boy was smiling ear to ear all the way from Riga airport to Atlanta, before his meltdown in Atlanta :-) At that point I understood him - I wanted to cry too from exhaustion :-)
    So sorry I missed you guys at the airport this time :-( I was really bummed about it. Who lands an overseas plane an hour early anyway?!

    1. You and Bruno are such blessing to this program! You are angels to these kids! And seriously, an hour early... never heard of! We were scrambling ourselves! Next time... sweet friend... next time!


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