Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Chalkboard Wall for Candi

OK... better late than never... right!  I made a chalkboard wall way back when and I still totally love it.  I love how we can use it for so many things and I love the way it personalizes my home!  It is a super easy and fun addition and you can put one just about anywhere!  Examples... kitchen wall, office wall, dinning room wall, children's bedroom wall, back of kitchen island, door, laundry room wall... and I am sure many more places.  I have even seen one blogger chalkboard paint her fridge and it is awesome.  I may try and find a picture and add it!

So here is my before wall.  It was a sliver of a wall in a walk through hall area where
the door to the powder room is and the pantry.  It also leads to the garage on the right and straight through to the dinning room.  Soooo... that is a long explanation of why it is a tiny yet high traffic area!  So the little wall right there was just begging to become way functional and super cute!

And here it is without the edging/cutting in complete but looking way fun!  I actually put on three layers of magnetic paint first and then three layers of chalk board paint.  The magnetic part is pretty weak. So... I guess I should have put like 5 coats of that or just skipped it.  It was kinda gritty which caused me to put extra chalkboard paint on to get an even surface sooooo... I would have just skipped the magnet part of it and will in the future. :0-)

Here is what I used.  This little sponge roller is one of my favorite tools ever... and my "wooster" brush.
The secret to a well done job is the right tools!  DO NOT SKIMP on a paint brush.  Yes... a "purdy" or "wooster" brush may cost you triple what a cheap one will... but it IS for a reason!  "Wooster" is my favorite.  The bristles STAY where they are supposed to stay which enables you to drag a nice, clean, and straight line for cutting in.  I have used this one brush for years now and it has earned it's keep several times over!
Here are some secret tricks!
1.) If you need to walk away from the job to pick up a kid or have a phone conversation... place the roller or paint brush in a zip lock bag and seal it all around the handle.  It keeps you from having to wash it out and keeps the paint from drying!
2.) I also do the above while I am waiting for coats to dry!
3.) Before you rinse the roller, take a plastic ruler of the wooden stir brush they give you and slide the edge down the roller... TONS of paint will come out that you can reuse and it makes cleaning the sponge roller easier and faster since there is a TON less paint in it.
4.) Always rinse the brush with the water flowing down the bristles off the edge, never down into the bristles opening it up with the pressure of the water.  This keeps the bristles in line better.
5.) After you rinse the brush super well... walk outside and sling it in the air.  Water will fly out of it, the bristles stay smooth and it dries super faster!
6.) Go in halves with a friend on the chalkboard paint.  It is not expensive but unless you are covering a big wall, it does go a long way!  That way two of you will be motivated to knock this project out and it will save you some money! :0)

  Sorry this is a tad blurred.  Lighting was terrible and the shutter stayed open longer!
But I wanted to show you that I added two clip boards from Wal-Mart.  I hung them with a screw so they would be secure.  The top of the clip board has that little metal tab where it can hang!  We keep a little notepad for the grocery list on one (then we can just add to it & tear it off when we go shopping) and outgoing mail or other important items on the second one!
And here it is in full action!  I LOVE it and I love seeing little art work at the bottom!  Every time I see it, it makes me smile... still... after several months!  

So this little craft/project post is dedicated to my sweet cousin Candi who loves this kind of stuff! :0)
Sorry it has taken me so long to get it on here!
Now go out and paint something!!!!!!
You will LOVE IT!



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  2. LOVE this....I'm seriously considering doing this on a small wall next to my pantry and I don't even have little ones!!!

  3. Weird, I thought I had commented on this post. I love this wall, I have a small wall like this that I could do this on, when I find the time, maybe during the summer. Thanks for this post, I love that it was written especially for me :)

    Candi :)


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