Sunday, October 02, 2011

Another Monday...

Tomorrow will bring with her a new Monday.  A new week... right there for the taking.

What will you do?


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Hello Dawn, My name is Colleen. My husband Mike and I spoke with your Aunt tonight about adoption. She is friend's with my husband's Aunt who is one of the few people we have talked to about our thoughts about adoption and that was probably a year or so ago:) I am probably going to ramble for a few minutes so please bare with me...I have been extremely touched by your blog...I literally am sitting here reading it in absolute tears and am so in awe of your humble spirit and incredible gift to communicate. I beleive that no one thing happens by chance-no meeting, no incident but is part of God's plan--not just any plan, HIS perfect plan. I am so touched by your post about marriage and will likely read it over and over and will draw something new from it each time. It's a journey! We have one beautiful, sweet and precious little boy that is 5 years old and that little boy prays for a brother or sister. We pray for God's will for our family-whatever that may be. I would really love to hear more about the host and adoption plan. I shared with your Aunt that for the past several weeks, I have felt God gently nudging me with subtle dropped bits of Eastern Europe, Russia, etc...Again, not by chance---Only HE knows why my heart is stirred just so. I feel strongly that God has plans to grow our family--tho we do not know yet--just how:) I look forward to talking with you about the program and where God may lead us in this journey. He has a perfect plan, I will be faithfully seeking his will and praying that I am obedient to HIS will.

  2. Colleen... i am so humbled and encouraged by your sweet and kind words. This blog is a living testimony to the power of God in our lives and anytime anyone is encouraged here... I am thrilled that God can use the "stuff" in our lives to help others and bring Himself glory! I am so NOTHING without Him and I so long for everyone to know what it means to really walk with Him and KNOW Him and serve and obey Him and be so blessed by Him. I can not wait to talk with you about hosting and adoption. It adds an extra little personal "line" to heaven in your family and is such a beautiful journey and privlidge. Rachelle told me she gave you our numbers. We look forward to your call and pray God's wisdom covers you and speaks to you clearly. Thank you, again, for your sweet note.

  3. Yes... I really did type a lower case "i"... I am tired... sorry!


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