Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I am becoming the worst blogger ever.
One post in a week is pretty sad.
I am sorry.

Week after week speeds by in such a fashion that I can't catch my breath sometimes.

I hate this pace.  I do. 

Last week is a blur.

Tuesday, I cleaned/laundry/stuff.
Wednesday, I cut out 9 banners, ironed and hemmed them, and then created an "example" banner for a craft I was sharing with my Mom2Mom group on Thursday.  It took almost all day (along with the stuff that goes along with three kids in there and trying to prepare for a yard sale!)
Thursday, I had Mom2Mom and our group made the banner.  I had lunch with a friend, went and picked up a clothes rack from another friend for the yard sale and went home and pulled out the rest of the stuff for the yard sale and priced it.  I went to bed at midnight.

Friday morning, I was up early for the yard sale, pulled it back in around noon and then went to pick up some extra chillies we watched for the weekend while their mommy and daddy went on a get-away!
Saturday morning I did round 2 of the yard sale (which we did to raise money for friends who are hosting to adopt two twin girls from Latvia)... got everything divvied up for thrift and consignment... fed chillies lunch, showered, and then headed off to the Fall Frenzy where I worked a crazy hair booth.  After leaving the festival we dropped the chillies off at home with a sitter and headed to Saturday night worship.  IT WAS WONDERFUL.
Sunday, I awoke, got 4 chillies ready (thankfuly Taylor can man for herself!), and headed off to church where I taught the Sunday school lesson for k-5th!

Monday, after getting kids off to school, I went back to bed until about noon!
Today, I feel half human again! :0)

This week looks almost as crazy.
And my eye infection is back.
And spiritual battles are raging all around me and attacking people I love.

This is a crazy month.  I am not sure how it happens... a month being so "booked".  I try so hard to not let it get so "booked" and it sometimes just happens.

I try and remind myself that I am not living for myself.
And God does supply what I need.
And I try to take it one hour at a time.
And the blog is way down on the to do list.
I will try to do better.

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  1. I was just now was reading your posts. I left a leinghty comment, but this is what the server response was.

    "Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration"

    Say what? I guess the computer knows how I feel LOL :-D

    In other words, we so need to have the girls weekend!


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