Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deeply Humbled

It is nothing short of a blessing to be able to share a story of how God has brought something beautiful from something so painful, ugly, and hard. 

I was given the opportunity to share my testimony of my journey to motherhood and Abby's story today for a group of moms.  I got to share how God brought infertility full circle to adoption and child advocacy.  I got to share how God brought Abby from death's door to full life.

God was so present and my prayer was that He would speak to each woman there in the way that she needed to hear from Him.  I knew He wanted to speak to them and that each one could receive something different.

I am humbled to my core at the response and at His faithfulness.  One woman came up to me who has a 6 month old with brain abnormalities and very frequent seizures.  As she thanked me with tears in her eyes for sharing and being real and shared how she is dealing with many of the same emotions and pain... all I could do was be so blessed and thankful that Abby's story was bringing hope, encouragement, and strength to another mother walking through her own storm.

Woman afer woman came up to me to share how they or someone beside them had been touched.

And so I praise the God above... our God, who is the master redeemer, who is the lover of our souls, who is our constant in the raging and ever changing storms of life.  And I praise Him for allowing me to share His light and love with others... and His sovereignty.  And I praise Him for the beauty of women gathered in His presence.


  1. Love that I know you and your story and Abby!! I love how God uses others to bring glory to himself - he uses you friend!! Thanks for being moldable!!


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