Monday, August 08, 2011

Boundless Love and Emotional Roller Coaster Rides

THANK YOU for your patience.  I have several of you mentioning, so sweetly, that you are looking daily for a new post.  I have to say a big, "I am sorry", as life has been one high and low after another and moving in fast forward.  And I also apologize that this post is not an Africa post.  I promise to get back to them soon!

As I mentioned earlier, God so amazingly has provided a forever family for Vladimirs AND his brother!  Don and I knew we weren't feeling God lead us in that direction and it was hard to feel that way as he was just precious.  But God showed off for us again as His plan unfolded and a PRECIOUS and SUPER amazing family stepped up to take BOTH boys to keep them together.  God's word says that God's plan is often BETTER than ours or what we could even imagine and He proved it yet again!

I flew up there (a state up North) to meet the host family who had his brother and the adoptive family and they are ALL amazing.  I am so humbled that this process has brought 4 more amazing people into my life.  And as I watched them with both boys, I was overwhelmed with how blessed I was to get to watch this family have their first day with both boys.  It was so so sweet.

While I was up there, Don and I decided to bring a girl back down to our home and advocate for her as a family had not stepped forward to adopt her.  My heart just skipped beats when I saw her the first time and I had so much hope.  But the enemy is working strong and it has been challenging in many ways.  I had much more written out here but I feel now is not the time to share details.

Last night, I felt like a wet rag.  I just have nothing left.  I am so empty and emotionally spent.  And my devotional spoke to me so clearly as it always does.  "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you can not do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?"  Luke 12:25-26~  I could have just sobbed for hours.  First of all, God considers adding an hour to your life a little thing!  Wow.  How amazing are His ways and mind blowing is His power!  But He clearly went right to the core of my pain and problem... I am worrying... and by doing so I am not trusting Him.  I am relying on myself to say and do the right things to reach this precious child and try to convince her there is a better way.  I- can- not.  It is not up to me to save her.

I am having a major case of emotional battle royal!  Wow.  Hard is an understatement.  We need prayers.  And boundless love.  Overflowing boundless love and massive amounts of emotional energy! 

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