Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two more days...

I am so humbled as the days slowly/quickly go by and July 2nd draws near.  There remains this quiet excitement... a knowing... and a smile.  I can not wait to see my creator, savior, father, and Lord in Africa.  I know I will see Him... everywhere. 

I can not comprehend what it will be like to hold my sponsored child in my arms and pray over him.  Or to hold the hand of a woman... a widow... and pray for God to renew her.  I can not imagine what it will be like to sing praises to the Lord with these precious people.  I can not grasp or dare I even try to, what He has in store... what lies ahead.  But Oh I can't wait to soak it in.

Hopefully, soon, I will feel like I am almost ready...

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