Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's JUST a zip lock bag...

No, no it's not.  It's hope.  It's love.  It's fun.  It's Christ.  Yes.  I said that... it's Christ.

It is traveling across the ocean in the hands of people who are reflecting Christ's love for the receiver... a child. 
It was packed by a person Christ touched to enter this child's life.  A person who listens and obeys the prompting of Christ through the Holy Spirit is Christ's hands... His feet... His love.

It is simply amazing me... how much can fit into a gallon zip lock bag.  You should try it.
A photo album of the family loving and praying for this child.  A family who is now feeding and providing medical attention to this child.  A family who is sharing $34 dollars a month to change this child's life... this child's future.  A family who will write and tell this child about Christ's love for them... and will encourage them and build them up... make them smile.  A family who is reflecting Christ.

A jump rope fits inside easily... along with bandaids, soap, chap stick, gum, pencils, beads, beading string, and paper.  A jump rope that will allow many, many, many children to take turns and... simply... play.  A jump rope that will lead to laughter and games.

It can hold a t-shirt that doesn't have one hole in it... not one.  It is not ripped or torn.  One t-shirt.  A t-shirt that is bright and clean.  It holds a small coloring book and markers.  Crazy fun glasses with large eye balls that will definitely cause a roar of laughter are safe inside too!

It holds silly bands... little bracelets that are cute shapes and fun colors.  It hold tissue for their noses and hand sanitizer.

 And when this sweet little child gets their zip lock bag... they will be touched.  They will smile... BIG.  They may giggle and some may cry.  And they will be flooded with the love of Christ.

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