Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little more...

For those of you who ask why I/we care about these biblical feasts (God's appointed times)... here is a beautiful link.  I must clarify that we are learning about them and celebrating them... not keeping them for salvation or forgiveness.  We are not slaughtering lambs for our sacrifice.  CHRIST came and was the final sacrifice, the substitute sacrifice... the perfect sacrifice.  We are ONLY SAVED BY FAITH IN CHRIST.  http://askdrbrown.org/ask-dr-brown/35-ask-dr-brown/85-should-christians-observe-the-biblical-jewish-holidays

And for anyone who wants to see how beautiful Christ is... who He is... here is another beautiful link.

For those of you who fear we are turning Jewish... we are notWe are Christians.  We accept Christ as our saviour.  Jewish people are only one of the 12 tribes of God's chosen people, Israel (not a country).  Ten of the tribes were scattered to all ends of the earth after captivity and because of the Jewish people's (tribe's) rejection... salvation was also made available to the Gentile.  God refers to them in the Old Testament often as "foreigners" among Israel... yet He accepted them IF they obeyed Him.  Just like today... Gentile believers are "grafted in" to God's chosen people and become one of them.   

And for those of you calling me, sending me texts, private facebook messages, and emails... I am so blessed and encouraged and thank you so, so, so, much.

Be blessed... this is such a holy week.

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  1. People are so afraid of change, even if it's someone else's change. Please keep searching and finding the answers you are looking for and don't worry about what other people might think, you are on the right path. We love you guys.


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