Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We are back from the family reunion in VA.  I will try and get another Ephesians post up tomorrow!

Yesterday was a MAJOR cleaning day and I did something pretty cool in the kitchen.  I'll share that too!

We have a friend who hosted a 13 year old from Latvia getting ready to go to Latvia in December and bring her home for good.  Wow.  I am amazed and inspired.  She still needs more money.  If you want to help her, please email me at allfromhim@bellsouth.net.

We have other friends, a couple from our church, who just sent in their application to host a sibling group of THREE this winter and are thinking they will be adopting them!  PRAISE the LORD!  Wow.  I am inspired.  They are already being attacked by the enemy through friends and family who are not being supportive.  This is a very painful hurt.  Please pray for them.  I am heart broken but focused.

I have another friend who is about to go to the Congo to get her son!  Wow.  I am thrilled.

I have another friend waiting to get her referal from Ethiopia!  I am anxious.  I am excited.

We were asked questions by a family member at the reunion who wanted to know about the hosting program and adoption.  Wow.  I am hopeful.  I am excited.

Wow.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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