Monday, October 18, 2010

This is what is important.
My family and our Lord God who brought us all together.

I have spent the day in anger... more anger than I have felt in a long time.
Anger from an attack from the enemy that has left me "trying" to justify my words.
Anger that has kept me from even being able to approach the throne.
Anger caused by evil, darkness, greed, impurity.

I have repented of this anger and am praying it's hold on me to be broken in the name of Jesus Christ.
I do not answer to anyone except my Lord.  I do not fear the attacks of the enemy.  He has been defeated.

God spoke to me through a friend today.  A friend I have never met.  A friend who called a couple times
to check on me and reminded me that this is an attack of the enemy.  This is an attack against a company that helps people, an attack against me, and an attack against my blog.  "Do not stop blogging or shut it down, your blog ministers to people and that is exactly what the enemy wants," she sweetly reminded me.  It helped me snap out of it (anger) and get refocused.  Thank you C.D.

My husband took the family on a surprise trip to the beach this past weekend. The trip was made even better by the company of my sweet Campbell who took this beautiful picture.  The house we stayed at was offered to us as a gift by sweet friends at church.  The Lord gave us perfect weather and some great memories.  He also gave me the wisdom not to check my email the entire time! HA

I pray God restores my soul tonight and I lay this attack at His feet.  I denounce this attack from the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ.  And I praise God for what He has done and continues to do in this family!  He is our EVERYTHING.  To Him be all the Glory and Praise!


  1. Dawn, although I do not know the details, I too have been the victim of such 'attacks". I just wanted you to know somene else is standing with you and asking god to intervene. i'm so glad you got the call from someone to remind you. God at work, again.

    Last night I experienced an experience of evil that I wish to never experience again. How I ever once believed that evil did not exist, I'll never know! but I prayed and prayed last night and finally this "visit" of evil was over.

    I wil hold you up in prayer today. Much love from afar...

    Keri in Siberia!

  2. Praying for you. Glad you got some "down time", God knows right when to provide those peaceful moments in His presence. Unfortunately, it usually means an attack is coming. I am glad you have friends to encourage you, isn't that the greatest? :) Love to you!


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