Monday, October 04, 2010

Clothes... clothes... clothes

When I logged onto the computer today to check my email, I saw an article that made me laugh out loud and then shake my head.  It was an article promising photos of stars who were "recycling" their looks.  I wondered if they were trying to bring back a "look" they had done years before... or trying out clothes from earlier decades... but no... they were simply "caught" wearing the same clothes more than once!  Really....?  Wearing clothes more than once!  Are you kidding me!?  THAT is cause for an article to grace the front page of my homepage online?  How dare they wear something more than once!  SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????

After laughing out loud and shaking my head... I was saddened.  This is yet, another way, the enemy "slips" into the minds of impressionable, insecure, and lost little girls... as well as many women.  It's the way the fashion industry brain washes many into thinking they need new clothes every year.  It's the very reason they are CONSTANTLY changing the width of pants legs, the height of the waistline, the "in color" and the "out color".  And sadly, MANY fall for it and billions of dollars is wasted year after year and so are billions upon billions of pieces of clothing. 

I had already "challenged myself" to really exam what I buy this year.  With growing children, you can't help but buy entire wardrobes each season!  But mine come from the consignment store, Target (on sale mostly) or Children's Place (also on sale and WITH a coupon!).  But my question this year, for myself, is do I "need it".  And my challenge is not to buy anything else for myself this year... except socks... my heel and toes came through 90% of them last year!

Some of you are asking for the next part of Ephesians... it's coming! :0)


  1. Haha...I liked the except the socks part. Same way. I barely every buy reason because I hate shopping, the other because I always feel guilty spending money when I have clothes already. I can wear them more than once, and I absolutely do- more like 1000 times. :-) But socks, all of my ankle socks I have worn holes in, and my regular socks too. I guess I'll have to splurge and go get some. :-)

  2. Thought I would just say that I like your space of the same name.


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