Monday, November 17, 2008

Where have you been lately?

It's been a while. Sorry. Life. Craziness. Tiredness. Emotional roller coasters followed by very bad days. BUT... very wonderful schooling going on here at the school house! That is my biggest praise and blessing right now.

Abby is doing great with home schooling and I am loving it more and more each day. She has fallen right into the routine and ASKS to do homework again! She loves it and I am so blessed by her renewed desire to learn! And another huge praise... she is sounding out words and READING! Praise God! How fun it is. The first day she was really sounding out words and blending them together and getting the word... we were doing the "Happy Dance" in the sun room and jumping up and down... her SMILE was PRICELESS!

School is Monday through Thursday from 9 am to noon. Friday is a day to make up work and catch up on things that may have been missed. It's also a day to go to CBS (Bible study) together! She loves her class there too and I am thrilled to have her there.

Three hours of straight work is the perfect amount of time for her. We start each day with devotion, calendar and number lines. We have science, history, and art twice a week, math three times a week, and writing and reading four times a week. We add in story "listening time" on tapes, playing games (crazy eights, Old Maid, Memory) a couple times and she has computer time twice a week. We also go to the library once a week and find books to go with what we are learning. In history, we are learning about the continents and started with Asia. So we went to the Library yesterday and got two books on China and one on Panda bears. It's GREAT! I am totally loving it. And so is she!
And Don taught school one day last week and gave me the morning off and is teaching again tomorrow! I have major jewelry stuff to get done before I sell my business next month... yes... I have sold Georgia Jewels! More on that blessing later.
Since I have school planned out two weeks at a time, I just hand him the day with my planner and he does it! Another great blessing.
These beautiful flowers are from my husband. I have been through the ringer lately. Emotionally, I am worn out. Clomid knocked me down and this adoption is wearing me down. The little girl we were hoping to adopt in Colorado was supposed to be posted until this past Friday(14th). When her posting disappeared on the 7th, I asked my coordinator to call and check and just make sure everything was fine. The social worker out there never returned any of her phone calls and still hasn't. My heart tells me they found a Colorado family. The whole thing is just emotionally exhausting. So my precious husband brought me beautiful flowers, has made me dinner twice in the past week, slept with Abby two nights in a row to give me rest and let me sleep in twice. He also surprised me with a fire, hot cinnamon rolls, and coffee last week as I tearfully returned from a "moment" away.
His aunt Genevieve died last week and we were in Houston this past weekend for her funeral. She had battled cancer for two years. She was a daughter of the King and we rejoice that she is dancing with the Lord. She has left behind a son and two daughters whom will remain in our prayers and hearts right now.
Abby has had seizures about once every two weeks for a month and a half now and so we are going up on medication again tonight. It is our prayer that this is the last increase for a while.
As I mentioned above, I have sold my business and am doing inventory and finishing up some last orders before my precious cousin-in-law takes it over next month! Yeah Joanna!
So we are starting a new week and I just wanted to say hello. Hopefully I will be back again sooner than later! Love to all.

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  1. Way to go Don!!! I'll tell you there's nothing like having a sweet surprise from your man when you feel down! Sounds like he has been so sweet to you! That makes me smile!
    Praying for some relaxation for you. It will come...just hang in there.


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