Thursday, November 20, 2008

The School House is Rockin

Abby rocked at school today, thankfully. She had a seizure yesterday morning and so school was a loss yesterday. Today she sounded out new words and is clearly on her way to reading. I am filled with so much happiness to hear her sound out words!

So this is how we play at the school house! Who needs snow? Here in Georgia, all we need is a hill and a good box!

I came home from errands today to find Abby and her daddy waiting to show me their new trick! It was awesome. Even I went down our little hill in the front yard... thankfully there are no pictures of that one!

Sock monkey and new butterfly baby accompanied Abby on her rides until Sam came out to join her. There are two ways to land. The good way and the not so good way. MOST of the time we have good landings... but every now and then they are a bit rough and high!

So there are four highlights for the keeper of the school house today. Number one- My daughter is reading, learning math, improving listening skills, making beautiful art, and learning history and science... all after a great devotion about her Lord and Creator.
Number two- I usually remain in my pajamas until at least 1 p.m. (Abby is dressed for school)
Number three- We are having fun dinner guests tonight!

And here is number FOUR! As I delivered a jewelry order to a local store, there were the most fabulous Christmas stockings I have ever dreamed of in my whole life...seriously! I have been looking/shopping/hunting for the perfect Christmas stocking for three years now. It has been hopeless and I have NOT had time to make them! So there they were... beckoning me from the front of a chest... calling my name and smiling from ear to ear... knowing they WERE THE ONES!

I made a trade with the store owner and STILL came up on the plus side with cash to pocket!

Abby got first dibs and picked the snowman, I am the peace sign and Daddy is the house! The beautiful ornament is for our little one to come... one day... if ever.

Here is the down side to my day. I pulled black socks out of the hamper basket today to wear with the sweater I have worn three times and the pants I have worn twice this week. And I wore my hair in pig nubs (not even tails) for the third time in public this week. HMMMMMMM... LAUNDRY must become a highlight tomorrow! And hair must become a priority again.


  1. Anonymous9:45 PM


    Not "if ever" BUT "when". Faith girl. FAITH!!!!!


  2. Sweet Donna, My faith in that area is very whipped and tired... I'll try! Thank you... thank you. Hugs... D~


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