Sunday, November 02, 2008

All I want for Christmas
OK... it's official. I really want a piano for Christmas... it could also be a combined anniversary present... and Valentine's Day... ok... and birthday... since they are all in a two month time frame!
I have loved piano music since I was very young. My mom used to make cassette tape copies (dating myself a tad) of her music and send it to me. So I had the privilege of being introduced to George Winston very early on. I used to sit in the dark, in my room, and listen to piano music for hours. Later on, I discovered Yanni. Yes! I admit it! I LOVE YANNI. His music just moves me and I have written poetry to one of his cd's.
George Winston and Windham Hill make me think of Fall and Winter. I crank it and let the cool breeze come in the windows and get nothing done! Yanni just makes me want to breath in life... and hold it for a very long time. Lucky for me, my husband has taken me to see George Winston and Yanni in concert! It was all I could do to remain in my seat.
When I was very young, before my parents divorced, we had a piano and I took lessons. It was a very old piano that had belonged to my grandmother. I remember there was a color key on the back that my great grandfather had drawn on there for her to use to learn to play. Some of the keys were chipped... I thought it was fabulous. I'd do anything to have that piano today.
I took lessons for a brief time and then my parents divorced. Sadly, with the move came the end of my piano days. Later, in high school, my grandparents bought one for my aunt. I played on it often and learned to play by ear. I spent hours learning several George Winston pieces.
So... to whom it may concern... All I want for Christmas is an old piano (but in tune)!


  1. Hi,

    I saw that you are a Yanni Fan. I'm part of the Yanni Street Team and would like to invite you to visit his website if you haven't already.

    Yanni is working on quite a few new projects.

    Take care


  2. ah! No way! I play the piano, too! Hopefully Santa will bring you one this year ;) I'm still working on the pics..apologize for the delay! I'm super behind but trying hard to catch up :) Just posted a few on my blog so you can check out the sneak peek :)


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