Saturday, August 05, 2006

My God sighting came
on Thursday ...
Maria Francesca.

I was sweeping the dirt floor of the church after VBS. This little hand came out to pick up a pom pom I was sweeping up (from a craft). I reached down to get it for her and when I looked up, our eyes met. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen and I instantly felt connected to her. We just smiled and I started gathering up scraps all over the ground for her. She smiled and I told her, "Tu es muy bonita, su ojos muy bonita." In my broken spanish, she understood that I told her she was beautiful and that her eyes were beautiful. She told me my heart and eyes were beautiful and we were bonded. I asked if if she knew the Lord and she said yes, she was a christian. I told her that I was a christian and that we were sisters, sisters in Christ. She smiled and said "Yes, I'll see you in heaven." She was and is my angel. I miss her so very much. We got together again the next day and just could not part. After many tears and precious words of love, I left on the bus as she waved from her small home. She will forever and ever be in my heart. I adore you Maria... you are the eyes of the Lord.

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