Tuesday, August 15, 2006

God's Blessings Continue!
Abby's first week of school was amazing. She absolutely loves every minute of it (wasn't sure about rest time at first). On last Thursday, the special education coordinator called to say she didn't think Abby needed to be in the bridge class and that she'd been staying in the regular K class and doing great. We were really hoping that she'd "get there" but didn't dream it would come the first week. Our hearts just swell as we see what God just continues to do in her life. To see her progress so constantly is the most precious thing!
So we have started week 2! She's working on the letter "T" this week and the number "1". She also traces her name each morning on the "sign in" sheet! Tomorrow is her "share day" and she'll be taking a picture of herself at the lake and sharing about her adventures there this summer!


  1. I love this picture! She is beautiful. I haven't gotten to read through everything yet but I looked at pictures. Your mom gave me the site. I just started one too. Teecy

  2. She cracks me up. She's so stinkin cute!


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