Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prayer Request

I am leaving in less than an hour for the airport.  My mom had asked me to write some prayer requests for her and I emailed them to her and wanted to share them here as well so that my sweet prayer warrior friends could have some really specific prayer requests.  I do not take prayer for granted for one moment and thank you so very much for going before the LORD with these requests!  Hopefully, I will be blogging from there within a few days!

*comfort for the kids leaving their host families tonight

*peace to overtake them on the plane and rest
*comfort and peace for the families driving back home without them
*for God to move hearts of the ones He has in His will to adopt
*rest on the pane tonight for us ALL--- pray this like a thousand times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* for others whom we encounter to be touched by the needs of orphans all over the world
*safe travels and good health for all the kids and team
*on time flights

*protection in Latvia
*God encounters and the eyes to see them and the obedience to walk in them
*emotional and physical strength
*time to be alone with the LORD
*opportunities to share the gospel
*relationships to be built with orphanage directors
*hearts of children to be protected
*for darkness to be brought into light
*for love and hope to be left when we leave each place
*for every child we encounter to feel the love of Christ
*Holy Spirit guidance in the words we speak and questions we ask
*ears to hear and eyes to see what the LORD wants us to hear and see
*faith to be deepened
*safe journey home

*for Don to be renewed each day with patience, strength, and wisdom
*for the kids to feel my love when I am gone
*safety for them all
*good health for them all
*laughter to abound
*relationships with the kids and Don deepened
*cancel all assignments of the enemy on this family in the name of Jesus! (like a thousand times over)

Thank you my sweet, sweet friends!

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