Tuesday, January 03, 2012

At the beginning

I am so blown away by the gift of another year.  At the same time, they seem to pass by me faster each time!

There is so much promise at the beginning of something.  And there is so much between the beginning and the end.  Oh... to slow down and really inhale every opportunity we are given.  To see them, embrace them, and inhale them!

I started my counting of gifts on the 1st of this year.  Just looking for them and recording them made me linger in the warmth of the sunshine flowing through kitchen window a little longer, caused me to giggle while cuddling with my fluffy bundle of Dusty, and take extra delight in a house overflowing with friends to start the new year!  Seeing each of them as a direct gift from my Father left me feeling so touched by Him and I am just on day three!

Why can we overlook so much that He gives us?  Why can we ignore and turn away from so many ways He romances us?  Why can we take so many wonderful and abundant gifts for granted?

Because the enemy strives daily to steal our attention... to steal our time... our focus... our joy... our vision... and our hearts.

My eyes are focused on my Father and I will remain looking for Him everywhere... everyday.

I challenge you to look for Him too.

Can't wait to share this year with you!

Much love,

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  1. Something I have started doing lately is thanking God for the little things & when I say little things I mean really little things. Thanking Him for that parking place that opened up close to the store. Thanking him for the cup I dropped that didn't break. Thanking him for the $1.00 I found in my wallet that I forgot was there. It has been so great just recognizing that even in the small things He is there. So I can only imagine the 1000 gifts, I am looking forward to hearing more of your journey with this.


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