Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Are Loved

Seems like such a simple statement.  Yet for some... it is unknown.

I have been working on the photolisting for orphans in Latvia who are available for winter hosting.
It should have put me in bed for a week.

Photo, after photo, after photo of precious faces who feel nothing of the above. 
Then came the spreadsheet with their "story".

Child #1- Sweet young boy with sibling sister.  Been in orphanage for almost one year.  Parents alcoholic and aggressive.  This young man tried to "save his family" but couldn't.  Close to his sister.  Leaves her gifts on her bed.

Child #2- Very creative and kind hearted young girl with sibling younger sister.  Feels it's her fault they are not being adopted. (Because she is older) Loves to cut her doll's hair, sing and dance.  Very close to sister.  So badly wants a family.

Child #3- Sent to institution due to some mild developmental delays.  Brother was adopted to France but they did not want him.  He cries for his brother.  New foster mother has taught him to read and write in one year.  He loves to help.  He is very kind and sweet.

And it went on and on and on and on.  Face after face of children who have been discarded like an old... whatever.  Children that have simply... not so simply... been discarded.  Children that wait and hope... that someone might want them.  Children that the Father created and we are CALLED/COMMANDED to take care of... to rescue... to love and to care for.

My heart aches with deep pain as this whole alter world goes on day after day and so many turn a blind eye.  We are too busy.  We have enough children.  We could never do all the paperwork.  We could never afford it.  It might complicate things.  It's great... but not for me.

I praise and thank God that He was not too busy up there in heaven dealing with the whole universe and Satan and his cronies to take care of me... to adopt me and be there every time I call His name.

I praise and thank God He didn't look at Israel and say, "I have enough to deal with."

I praise and thank God that He thought there was no price too high to be paid for my soul.

And I praise and thank Him from the bottom of my soul that even though I fail, sin, fall away, slack off, and disappoint Him... that even though I can complicate things... He came after me anyway.

Tom Davis, with Children's Hope Chest, has said a quote that haunts me and is burned on my brain, heart, and soul... "We live like we are on vacation when we should be living like we are at war."

This is not a vacation.  And it's not about our comfort.  We are in the THROWS of an all out WAR.  And these children sit and wait...

they wait for us.

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