Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Bunch of Randoms

My mom is coming this weekend!  She really just makes it about once a year and so it is a big deal to me when she comes.  And she is better than Martha Stewart at all she does and so spots on my carpet suddenly jump out at me when she is approaching as does my shabby front door wreath and piles of "to do's"!
Her entire house always looks like a magazine as well.  And that is normal for her.  My house... ughh.. ummm... Does Not.  Tomorrow will be B-U-S-Y.  LOL  I can't wait to laugh with her... we laugh a lot when we are together... and I love that. :0)

I stumbled upon some old pictures tonight.  Isn't this amazing? Yes.  I do think so.  And I made it.  And sold it.  I am SO SAD as I come to a big realization that I kept NOTHING wonderful that I made!!!!

I didn't keep one of these either.... sigh...

or these... bigger sigh.  I am really feeling sad about not having any of my cool jewlery tonight.  I just might have to make some this Fall.  :0)

And this old picture of Abby sleeping on my chest on one of our old back decks!  She was so little.  My heart hurts sometimes when I see these pictures of how little she was.  :0(  She is growing so quickly and I feel I did so much wrong with her... how I wish I could go back and do some things better.  :0(

And lastly... these.  Ughhh.  I miss these more than the tree!~ 
 If you are not aware, we don't celebrate Christmas anymore.  Last year was our first non-Christmas year and I just left everything up in the attic.  I was fine skipping the holiday but getting rid of stuff was a bit harder.  When I ran across this picture, I realized that these are up there and that I could offer to sell them and donate the money to friends who are hosting and hoping to adopt two little girls from Latvia this winter.  So... they are for sale for $125.  They were $25 each and have been used two times I think... two or three.  They are all perfect and the money is for a GREAT cause. 

I am off to bed.  Exhausted and need to be renewed.

Post Edit~ My husband is confused so I thought I would clarify about the stockings.  Yes, I would like $125... not just for the stockings... but for the hosting and hopefully adoption of two precious girls from Latvia.  I am trying to help a friend raise $5,000.  So I know it is $25 more than I paid... I am thinking of it as a donation to changing two girls lives and the stockings are the "free gift" for donating!  Actually, in all fairness, I got them from one of the stores that sold my jewelry.  The owner gave them to me for trade in jewelry!!  HA  LOL  Hope that clarifies things. :0)

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  1. Just a quick note, Dawn we ALL wish we could go back & do things differently & I'm sure as our kids grown and change, that too will probably never change. We'll never be perfect & we'll never do things right 100% of the time. But as I think of my own mom I always remember the good times and forgave her long ago for any bad that may have been done because I know she loved me with all her heart and that's all that really matters. I hope you and your mom have/had a great time!! She is better than Martha Stewart, but hey you're not too shabby yourself!!


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