Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Monday.

Hello dear ones.  I miss blogging and I don't.  Does that make sense?  It is freeing but I also love communicating with you all.

The craft show on Saturday was amazing and God was so generous... I sold over $550!  So many of my friends came out to support me and our funds for Brenda... that was a gift in itself.  Each time I saw a familiar face, my heart just warmed and smiled so big!  After I pay for the beautiful scarves I have placed safely in my room... we'll have raised $600!  A missionary with Operation Mobilization came by and sang a song to me... that she wrote... about the Lord... and it spoke to me RIGHT where I am... and she said to me, "This is a word of the Lord to you."  IT remains in my soul and was the greatest blessing of the day... of the week!

It was just a gift to share with each person the story behind the scarves they were buying.  When I told people how a friend of mine, Donna, made them as she healed from an injury and then how she gave them to me to sell for Brenda... you could just see a change come over their eyes... it was beautiful... as is Donna and her precious and very generous gift.  Thank you Donna.  It moves me to see so many people come together to love on a child who is not even here yet... moves me deeply... in the deepest corners of my spirit.  And to know that God is behind that love... moves me deeper still

God is doing mighty things.  He is ALL OVER ME and it is becoming addicting!  It makes me feel so full!  I am so thankful for it and am clinging to it with both hands.  I feel something big is coming and I am so excited I can't hardly stand it!

I have to clean and do laundry today.  My home is very neglected after a week of sewing.  But here is this week's scripture.  Love and hugs...

"Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and with ALL your soul and with ALL your strength and with ALL your mind."  Luke 10:27~

"Most Christians walk a fuzzy line between devotion to God and devotion to other things.  We believe in our hearts, of course, that we should be wholly committed to God and love Him fully, and we desire to do so.  But at war against our undivided love for him are other distractions..." "God specifically asks for wholehearted, undying, all-out, passionate love for the Creator.  Every corner of our hearts, every ounce of our strength, every impulse of our minds, every breath of our souls.  He wants it all.  EVERYTHING."
taken from the BEST daily devotional, "At His Feet," by Chris Tiegreen

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