Thursday, November 19, 2009

And the Lord Provides...

I am just blown away.  As I got ready to write this blog, another friend just came by and bought 3 pins.  God has now provided over $900 through the sales of my fabric pins and the beautiful scarves my friend Donna GAVE me to sell.  He has surpassed the $800 that kept whispering in my heart... His blessings are abundant.

So this is a "THANK YOU" for one.  So many of our friends have come up along side us with so much encouragment, love, support, and friendship!  I am blown away.  I feel so much love for Brenda through all of you and she isn't even here yet!  Oh, how I pray God can transfer that love right across the ocean and deposit it into her heart!

In addition to the above, other friends have contributed over $900 in funds and so we are just a few hundred away from what is needed!  I am confident that God will provide that and even feel there may be some extra we can share with other families! :0)

It is strange... the quiet and calm excitement I am feeling for this child... for this precious little girl who likes to draw and to cook... who wants a pink room and loves dogs.  I am feeling little strings attaching me to her... across the miles... like I can almost feel her if I am real still.  I LOVE it.  And I LOVE and ADORE my FATHER in heaven who has given my husband and I a heart for children... to share the same desire to serve Him!  I can not WAIT to see what HE has in store!  

Do you know what is EVEN COOLER!!!!!?????  Three of our friends are thinking about and praying about hosting a child in the summer program!  How totally cool is that!  God is just contagious!

I had taken pictures after the craft show of 8 scarves and about 10 pins to post online... but they are all sold except for these.  The pins are $12 each and include postage.   The scarves are $17 and include postage.

Here is my pin that I wear on my jacket every day.  I put it on my pillow so you could see how cute it is!
I'll try and take some more pics of the ones that are left and get
them up in case any of my blogger girls want in on the fun!


The excitement you share with us is such a gift.  Your questions about the program give us such encouragment.  Your support fills us with love.  And to know that God is cheering us on, loving us, and providing for us through each of you is just simply beautiful.  I am blown away. 

 Love and hugs to you...

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