Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meeting Hannah

We were so blessed to go to Brunswick this past weekend and meet the very precious Hannah Faith Castor. Abby was in love at first sight. It was so cute. She must have said, "Isn't she adorable?" at least 20 times?

She watched her sleep, jumped at each little noise she made and ran over to check on her, gently rubbed her and talked to her. She was smitten. Actually, I think we all were... I mean look at those precious tiny toes! And she is such a good baby to top off her cuteness.

One of the sweetest moments came when Hannah was napping. Abby very gently slid her favorite bear in the whole wide world, Marvin (the girl bear), under the blanket next to her and asked, "Do you like Marvin baby Hannah?" PRECIOUS. Thought I was going to cry.

We were also blessed to be there for Hannah's dedication at church. As a gift from God, she is presented back before Him as His and everyone commits to keep her before the Lord as they raise her in His glory and presence. It is a very beautiful thing.

Of course we had a wonderful time with Daniel and Jennifer too. They are going to be wonderful parents. And of course I got my baby fix in too! I could have sat and held her for days. We'll definitely be going back soon! Love you guys!


  1. did she take her up the stairs, too? haha... abby is so adorable!


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