Friday, February 20, 2009

Hospital Stay Starts on Monday

We are going into the hospital with Abby on Monday for a three to four day stay of testing. Your prayers are coveted. We are working with a new doctor who has an approach we like a bit better. He wants us to sleep deprive Abby to try and get a seizure instead of plummeting her meds. She actually had gone about 23 days without a seizure until two mornings ago. So we are now back to one night seizure free... that makes me feel better about trying to cause one in a few days. Funny side note: I had told God that if she had one before we went in, I'd feel like He was telling me it was ok. Smile... He is so cool like that.

We are also hoping that if we can get a seizure captured on the EEG that the information will be helpful for our trip to the Cleveland Clinic in May.

I'll be back next week. Love to you all.


  1. Well this will be one time I will be hoping for a seizure...I really hope they can see it and it will help answer some questions and figure out how to treat them.

  2. That precious baby is in my prayers. Hope you get some useful information.

  3. For once we will pray for a seizure and hope the doctors can get some good information out of it. As always, we will keep you, Don and Abby in our prayers..the doctors too! love Chris and Tom

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    ohh you are in our prayers! miss you and love you! erin a.


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