Thursday, September 27, 2012

All in a name

I have never really cared for my name... until Tuesday night!

Original Word: שָׁ֫חַר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: shachar
Phonetic Spelling: (shakh'-ar)
Short Definition: dawn

 charm away (1), dawn (16), dawn* (1), dawning of the day (1), daybreak (2), morning (2).

 Melissa is Greek for "bee." It has no meaning in Hebrew.

Our small group is going through the process of discovering our "God Shape."  It is a fun and telling process that involves understanding the meanings of our names, identifying our spiritual gifts, our strengths and weaknesses, our personality, talents, hobbies, and our dreams.  Each one of us is created with a purpose for the kingdom of God.  Each one of us has a place, part, and purpose in the body of Christ.  When we all work together in the way God created us to, THEN we are whole... a whole body.  A body that can work the way God created it to work, function, serve, grow, live! (Romans 12:3-8 1 Corinthians 12:4-31)

The first part of the process was looking into the Hebrew meaning of our name.  Don looked them up and when he came to the kitchen to tell me mine meant, "dawning of the day and daybreak" I was disappointed and was like yeah, yeah... "Who knew Dawn meant day break... how boring!"  Another site mentions my name can also mean, "first light".  Taylor's name means, "clothed in salvation" and so I was really jealous when we found that out!  I mean... how cool is THAT!

Names are important and always in scripture, the name of a person is very telling about who they are and what they did.  And God often changes the name of a person when they have a major change in their life.  Abram became Abraham.  Saul became Paul.  There are MANY more examples of the LORD changing someone's name but those are the two that come to mind now.  

So I went to small group less than siked about my name.  LOL  And then this amazing thing happened.  The body of Christ went OFF on me... building me up and bringing "new light" to what I felt was a rip off!  It was humbling.  It was the LORD.  I have never felt so smacked with God really wanting to change my mind on something so sweetly like that.  

As I told them I was disappointed in what I had found, they were very anxious to hear.  So I told them the "no brainer, unfantastic meaning" and all their mouths dropped and immediately everyone started sharing thoughts and insight that really caught me off guard.

Our small group leader was the first to share that this name was amazing, holy, and beautiful.  He went on to explain how important day break is and what the moment of first morning light upon the day looks like, brings and means.  Everyone jumped in and started flooding me with thoughts... "it brings hope of the new day, it starts a chorus of praise among creation as the birds go crazy with song at daybreak (I have noticed and loved this for years), how that light penetrates the darkness and cancels it, it arrives with splendor and beauty and power... warmth and light (truth)."  "That is you... so you," said a friend. 

I sat and let it soak in.  Needless to say, I was humbled, smacked, and changed.  I was so heartbroken that I had been hatin on my name... like... forever.  Kids made fun of me growing up about being greasy and needing "Dawn" to take my grease away and to come help their mom wash dishes!  ROFL  Seriously... that doesn't bother me now... however.... the enemy used that to put a dislike for my name deep in my soul at such a young age.  Amazing.  Crafty.  Stealthy.  

As I was older, I wished I had some "beautiful" name like "Julianna" or even "Elizabeth"... something strong and with more than one syllable!  I thought "Dawn" sounded like... I don't know... some foreign sound.  It was just blah... there.

Then someone shared a scripture.  One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible.  And one I have had on my blog for years.  One I have prayed over Abby for years.  Claimed for her.  Begged for her.  And now... it was shared for me... and I was covered in chills and even more humility.

"Then your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily, and Your righteousness shall go before you.  The glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.  Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; You shall cry, and He will say 'Here I am.'" 
 Isaiah 58:8,9~

I could have cried.  I received it.  The LORD gave me a love for my name and an identity in Him in it!
What a blessed gift.  I felt very loved... by Him.  How sweet for Him to want me to know that... to see that... to be blessed by that... my name.  Wow.

My middle name, that I have totally hated, now is sweet to me too.  Even though there is no Hebrew meaning... it means "bee" or "honey bee" in Greek.  My mom's name also means "the bee" and I doubt she realizes my middle name means it too.  So it was a sweet gift to find out our names mean the same thing.  It reinforced my sweet connection I have with her. :0)  Besides the fact it totally fits me... BUSY as  BEE!!!!!  

The next night, God spoke to me about names yet again.  I LOVE IT when He does this.  HE ROCKS and does that ALL THE TIME!  Oh PRAISE the LORD who shares such sweet intimacy with us right here on this earth... right here in this room... on the bed where I end the day with devotion! 

My devotion for September 26: ONE OF A KIND: "I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it."  Revelation 2:17~

I was almost speechless.  But that is rare for me, of course, so I started laughing and thanking him and shaking my head.  On September 25th, He gives me a sweet love for my name.  On September 26th, He reveals He will have a new name for me in heaven.  FLOORED.  AMAZED.  AWED.  I NEVER HAD READ THAT BEFORE.

My mind started wondering, of course, what will my new name be?  I have just come to love my name here and yet... the LORD has another name waiting for me.  Wow.  And an intimate name... handed to us by the HAND of the LORD on a white stone.  And only to be known by me... Him and me.  How intimate is THAT!?

"Why else were individuals created, but that God, loving all infinitely, should love each differently."   C.S. Lewis

I am so thankful for how much the LORD loves me, pursues me, reveals His love to me in SO many ways, delights in me, wants to be with me, and stays with me. He loves us ALL that way... and shows that love to us in MANY ways!!!!

One website has "spiritual meaning" written next to the meaning and mine was, "Joy and Praise."

I receive it.  I have such delight in PRAISING HIM.  HOW COULD I NOT?  

How can we not?

The LORD wants to be intimate with us.  Really, really intimate with us.  He is not something of the past.  He is not just written on pages of an ancient book.  HE IS LIVING and He IS WITH US... IN US!

Look up your name.  Ask the LORD what He wants to show you about your name.  And be blessed.

So much love,

POST EDIT~  Don found this really beautiful article that goes right along with this post-  You can read it here.