Friday, August 17, 2012

Count your blessings... name the one by one...
      count your blessings see what God has done...

I have another "Anything" post to write but it will take some time I just haven't had.  It has been a rough few days with Abster.  Heart breaking.  We need help.  So I can only recount some blessings before I go to bed and try to let the last thoughts of my day be thankful ones.  God is here.  In the midst of the storm.  And He asks me to get out of my boat and walk on water.  I must, I must, I must keep my eyes on HIM and only HIM and not the storm around me.  Or I will sink.

* yellow birds on my bird feeder
* sweet words from my mother
* encouraging words from a friend's daughter, totally blew me away and I am deeply grateful
* encouraging words from a stranger, the LORD using her to again lift my heart
* pink clouds across the sky
* family fun, laughter and joy at a $2 movie
* the surprise of Abby's well timed sense of humor
* a night of sleep without one interruption... a rare delight
* cold glass of pink lemonade while children play in the sprinkler
* books arriving in the mail
* scripture that calls my name and feeds my soul
* daughter excited about scripture used in her school classes, hearts delight
* the hope of Saturday
* the luxury of a washing machine
* my fluffy one greeting me with ball in mouth and excited to play fetch outside
* a little boy's delight in building a tall tower with blocks
* music to the Lord playing through the house on Pandora
* sudden moments of peace
* a moment of realization- perfection does not need to be my goal- and that is ok
* the coolness of night... tiny glimmer of a coming fall... my totally favorite time of year

How many thankfuls do you have for today?

Be blessed.
Much love, Dawn