Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December is a time for crafting...

I saw this on Pinterest.

And we did this...

I used scrap fabric I had and we made the cutest little craft ever!!!

We cut our strips and then tied two between each light.  The girls were giddy!  And I have to admit... SO WAS I!  It turned out better than I could have imagined.

T put hers on her window!  We think it will stay up for a LONG time!  It goes with the colors in her room perfectly and she LOVES the color and light!

It really is crazy how adorable it is!

A has two windows instead of one and so we ran hers across her shelf... several times!  It's a tad bit messier than I would prefer (a shorter strand would have been better here) but she totally loves hers too!

And A's is pretty special to me because I used a pair of her bloomers from when she was little (the yellow and white check) that I had in the scrap fabric box!  She also has some vintage pillow case fabric from a dear friend (Shell), purple fabric from another dear friend (Erin) and some other cool "stories" in her strand!

And since this is our second year to not "do Christmas," it was the perfect way to use the lights as I remind/teach them we are to be the light in this dark world everyday of the year!

And you can't have a fun craft day without the baked cookies!

And these yummy, amazing, crazy, can't get enough ever pretzles... well... they were for ME!  But I did share them!


  1. Dawn, I Love that craft..so simple and beautiful...kind of like being a Christian...Jesus us takes us with our rags, scraps, differences then ties and intertwines us all together to create a beautiful life in the light of Christ!

    I love reading your blog, you inspire so much! <3 Deb

  2. I LOVE this!! I was so sad to take down my lighted garland from my mantle so I went & bought some white lights that I could keep up all year long but I didn't want to just throw them up there plain, so now I can TOTALLY do this!!! Thanks for posting this I can't wait to do mine & get it on my mantle!


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